Custom Remaps

Remap your performance car to unlock hidden power.

Performance Car Remap

Bespoke and custom remapping for your performance car.

Commercial Vehicle Remapping


Remap diesel engines for fuel efficiency and optimum torque delivery.

Remapping for efficiency


Remap to improve fuel efficiency and performance. - where the Professionals go for their ECU Remapping Services

Remapping for Performance

Get more Torque and HP for your performance car.

Remapping for Fuel Efficiency

Remapping for Efficiency to reduce your fuel costs.

Custom Remapping

Custom Remapping for that bespoke remap.

Remapping everyday cars

For better power delivery, a smoother drive and more Torque and HP for your regular day car.

Diesel Remapping

Remapping for Diesel Engines

HGV Remapping

Remapping for Heavy Goods and Commercial vehicles

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Why You Should Choose our ReMapping service for your vehicle


A True Remapping Service

We provide a “remap” file that’s unique to your vehicle. With a “remap”, no parts are added or removed from your vehicle – we simply optimize parameters of the ECU. We do not “remap” by providing an external plug-in box.


Professionally Developed Maps

All of our maps are individually developed for every single vehicle. We do not supply a “one map fits all” solution.


Accredited Dealer Network around the UK

The process of installing a new map takes only a few minutes using our system. Your vehicle can be remapped by one of our accredited dealers local to you.


Lifetime Warranty

All files carry a lifetime warranty and we always safeguard original vehicle data. We can reinstate an original factory map if this is ever required.

What you should expect after remapping..

  • Increase in Torque 28% 28%
  • Increase in BHP 30% 30%
  • Reduction in fuel use 18% 18%

Performance Remapping will increase the BHP and Torque of your engine. Custom Remapping will give you the optimum increases but these maps must be developed on a rolling road and take longer to develop.

All values shown are approximate and exact gain depends on the condition of the engine.

Please consult  one of our team to get advice on your specific car and what gains you can expect.

Call for advice on 0333 0160 340.

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